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What is Hypnosis and the hypnotic state ?

Hypnosis employs a naturally-occuring trance-like state of mind that we actually experience, sometimes for only seconds,  many times in our lives and even several times in a day.

For instance, drifting into ordinary sleep involves passing through a type of trance state, typically one in which our mind is becoming free of verbal thinking and entering a more visual state, similar to that of dream sleep.

In itself the hypnotic state is very pleasant and relaxing but no more than that. Hypnosis becomes successful hypnotherapy in the hands of a skilled and experienced therapist who uses guided imagery to firstly help you achieve and maintain the trance state and through it, achieve your aims and objectives.

During hypnosis you will experience heightened awareness combined with feelings of calm and pleasant relaxation characterized by a heightened receptiveness for beneficial suggestions, a much improved memory and the opportunity to much more easily make the changes that you want to make in your life.

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