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Sue Simon, D.Hyp, BSCH., DipEd.

I am a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

I gained my  original diploma from the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board.

Prior to qualifying in hypnotherapy, I worked as a teacher for many years. After I qualified I ran a successful hypnotherapy practice in the UK, working with clients on a variety of medical, emotional and psychological problems, including improvement of learning and memory, achievement of improved academic and social performance, pain management and treatment of anxieties, phobias and PTSD and some types of depression using a variety of techniques including hypnotherapy, traditional counseling, EFT and others.

Prior to coming to America, I worked for nearly 5 years as a student counselor and lecturer in learning skills for a large medical school in the Caribbean. In this position I often included hypnosis as an effective part of my counseling

I use hypnotherapy to treat a wide range of problems and concerns and help my clients achieve their goals. These include ego strengthening, smoking cessation, overcoming fears and phobias, stress reduction and resolving issues, like IBS, that conventional medicine finds so hard to deal with. 

Sue Simon, D.Hyp, BSCH., Dip Ed.

I had failed my driving test three times due to nerves. I knew the theory and drove great but fell apart come the test. One session with Sue and I felt so relaxed and in control going into the exam. I passed straight away and I'm eternally grateful!

Dan S



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