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You Can Change Your Life

Hi! I'm Sue Simon and I`m a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Mechanicsburg PA. I'm a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Pennsylvania Psycological Association and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I help people in the Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Enola and greater Harrisburg area lead more fullfilling lives.


Since I gained my Diploma from the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board I have helped hundreds of people gain confidence, ace examinations and tests, overcome phobias, reduce anxiety, stress and stress-related disorders. I have also helped people to give up smoking and lose other habits that once controlled them, often in one session. If you are interested in changing or improving your life drop me a line below.

Overcoming a
Personal Crisis


Bereavement, divorce, abuse, job loss, accidents and personal errors can undermine confidence, block positive emotions, adversely influence relationships with loved ones and seriously affect the quality of life, often for years or decades.


 Hypnosis and counselling used sensitively by an experienced professional can facilitate the release of negative emotions, remove faulty behaviors, reduce emotional pain and enable people to develop a more positive, constructive and assertive frame of mind.


In my career I have used hypnotherapy, sometimes on its own, sometimes combined with counseling to enable clients to overcome depression, deal effectively with issues of confidence and self-esteem, and  generally find strategies enabling them to move on with their lives in a happier and more successful way


stop thinking about change


How many times in our lives do we feel that we coiuld better. Get a better  job, better education, do more with our lives ? But we tell ourselves we`re just not good enough, clever enough or confident enough. 

Have you heard the saying " you are what you think "?


Very often the negative sentences that we say to ourselves, influences our negative behavior  .


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Your Greatest Self.



There is a happier, more assertive, more confident person in most of us, but we often cannot find our greatest selves without a little help.

We so often carry our emotional baggage with us and it keeps us anchored in the past.

I can help you move on

Sue Simon, D.Hyp, BSCH., Dip Ed.

What Sue's Clients Say


Thank you so much for your support yesterday, it was hugely helpful. 

I was able to make it through the evening without any medication - it was comforting to know I had should I need it though. Your support was wonderful.

David S




Thank you once again for helping me out these past few semesters! I really loved your therapy!

Claire J

" Dear Sue ... You will be pleased to know that I saw the surgeon yesterday who was delighted with my progress and positive thinking. You gave me such a boost and calm optimism, I surprised everyone, even myself " 

Mary R





"Sue was fantastic! She was helpful and supportive when I was at my very lowest. Sue worked through my problems, helping me realize that life was worthwhile. She boosted my confidence, and helped me get into University. Her dedicated support has led me to getting 2 degrees and -  importantly - into my dream job."

James C


Sue's no-nonsense direct approach, coupled with effective hypnotherapy techniques, helped me to focus on my life's issues, to identify what was at the core, and to move my life in the right direction.

Mark P



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